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File1-s2.0-S2351989417302196-main.pdf2024-05-19 16:29 567k
File20160726 Keck - Genetic Biocontrol of Invasive Rodents Program final, 7-26-16...2024-05-19 16:29 34k
File2017 ILSIRF NAS Gene Drive Symposium.pdf2024-05-19 16:30 68k
File20170307 One Pager GBIR Program Draft.pdf2024-05-19 16:29 458k
File20170307 One Pager GBIR Program Draft.pptx2024-05-19 16:29 151k
File20170321 GBIRd Steering Committee Notes.docx2024-05-19 16:29 33k
File20170418 GBIRd Steering Committee Meeting APRIL 2017 DRAFT Notes.docx2024-05-19 16:29 30k
File20171121 GBIRd Steering Committee Nov 2017.pdf2024-05-19 16:29 76k
File20180119 draft Gene Drive and Island Rodent Eradication.docx2024-05-19 16:30 31k
FileALL Island Conservation - Final 1.8.18_Redacted.pdf2024-05-19 16:29 10047k
FileAVPC Abstract GBIRd Saah.docx2024-05-19 16:29 31k
FilebackusESAPosterFinal.pdf2024-05-19 16:29 681k
FileBriefing note Online Forum and AHTEG.DOCX2024-05-19 16:29 134k
FileCBD Topic 2 Report.docx2024-05-19 16:29 52k
FileDARPA Technical Report Template 5.30.17.pptx2024-05-19 16:30 237k
FileDearden (2017) The potential for the use of gene drives for pest control in N...2024-05-19 16:29 2633k
FileDraft agenda - Talking About Gene Drive v4.docx2024-05-19 16:29 24k
FileDraft agenda - Talking About Gene Drive.docx2024-05-19 16:30 23k
FileDRAFT GBIRd-Safe Genes Annual Meeting Agenda 20170929 .pdf2024-05-19 16:29 96k
FileFinal_report_synbio-ahteg-2017-01-03-en.pdf2024-05-19 16:29 266k
FileFocus Area Updates For GBIRd Safe Gene Meeting 20170922.docx2024-05-19 16:29 6k
FileGBIRd and DARPA Priorities List March 2017.docx2024-05-19 16:30 32k
FileGBIRd Funding Applications.xlsx2024-05-19 16:29 12k
FileGBIRd map Draft.pdf2024-05-19 16:30 104k
FileGBIRd map Draft2.pdf2024-05-19 16:29 104k
FileGBIRd Media, COMMs Outreach Update March 2017.docx2024-05-19 16:29 16k
FileGBIRd Microsite Content_14Apr2017.docx2024-05-19 16:29 34k
FileGBIRd MoU - Aug 28 2017 - 3-07 PM.pdf2024-05-19 16:29 2720k
FileGBIRd Program Tracking 2017 sans Ethics.xlsx2024-05-19 16:29 24k
FileGBIRd Reporter Email FollowUpTemplateApril2017.docx2024-05-19 16:29 16k
FileGBIRd-Safe Genes 2017 Meeting Agenda .docx2024-05-19 16:29 43k
FileGene editing annotated bibliography v1_0.docx2024-05-19 16:30 926k
FileIARPA-RFI-17-02.pdf2024-05-19 16:29 117k
FileKendal and Ford.2017. Social license.pdf2024-05-19 16:29 122k
Filencsu.docx2024-05-19 16:29 15k
Filentf-2017-025-bs-en.pdf2024-05-19 16:29 252k
Filepeer-review_form_Annex.doc2024-05-19 16:29 82k
FilePPFSTWG GBIRd Final PDF.pdf2024-05-19 16:29 3300k
Filereaser-witness-testimony-03.15.2017.pdf2024-05-19 16:30 265k
FileSimple logo.JPG2024-05-19 16:29 55k
FileSlide-partners.pptx2024-05-19 16:29 135k
FileSlide-partners_calibri.pptx2024-05-19 16:29 135k
FileTaonga-of-an-Island-Nation-Final-EMBARGOED-Until.pdf2024-05-19 16:30 11504k
FileTrip Report - DARPA SD2.docx2024-05-19 16:30 29k
FileTrip Report AAHL Geelong 2017.docx2024-05-19 16:30 159k
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